How Has Technology Changed the Gaming Industry?

Remember the time when you used to play Nintendo games? Or when you got excited whenever you got a new video game? Since then there has been a significant change in the

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What is AI Technology and How is it Going to Change the World?

For many of us, artificial intelligence (AI) has slipped into our lives discreetly without making much fuss. It’s practically everywhere right now in our homes, work, in our cars, on our phones,

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Fraud Management – What is Uniquely Different Between Debit Card and Credit Card Fraud?

With the sharp increase in online transactions since the beginning of the pandemic, it is seen that online fraud is also on the rise. Of all the forms of online fraud, like

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Difference Between High Risk and Low Risk Industries

You must have heard of the term high risk and low risk industry. These are the two types of risks associated with a business or industry. Various factors determine whether a business

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Impact of brexit on european union

After many delays and extensions, the U.K. finally left the European Union on 31 December 2020, and with that, Brexit officially came to an end. It is considered a momentous event in

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Importance of Referral Partnerships in Payments Industry

Referral partnerships have become common today in the payment industry. You may have heard about referral partners earning a commission when someone buys a product or service through them. But what is

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